These two things are very closely related. If the driver is attentive and closely monitors the condition of his car, he will repay him with his failsafe service for years. However, if you do not listen to your car and check it regularly, you will be able to call the service at the least appropriate time. In order to have your tin sweetheart all it needs, just visit the Audi service, where they will take care of everything that will be needed.
Stones that will not improve your day
Flying rhinestones can cause very bad damage to the lacquer. However, the windshield can also be encountered with such a stone, and this is an even bigger problem that needs to be solved immediately. Even if you get a good rage at first, don't put your mind on the head and leave the exchange to the experts. Although it looks scary at first glance, you leave your service without a single trace of scratch.

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