Today was a solemn day. I took my wife to the maternity hospital. We expect the birth of our first offspring! Perhaps there will be something to celebrate. I called all my friends and acquaintances with the fact that a great celebration will take place within a few days. But I did not know that this magnificent celebration will take place today. During the morning I learned that I was a happy father. We were born a son. So the celebration will take place. I have nothing to do, the evening will take place. If I hadn't been ready for this event, I don't know how to prosecge it today. In the evening, the first guests began to descend.
Bujará Celebration
The celebration was really great. They all had the next day off, so we could celebrate all night long. It was also celebrated. Now, however, I wonder how to remedy the damage suffered. During the celebration, someone was wiping our floating floors.

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