Not only dry air harps our mucous membranes. Nowadays, when a lot of buildings are insulated and equipped with plastic windows, we increasingly encounter the problem of too humid environment, caused by good insulation of buildings. This creates a danger of mold, which is very damaging to us, but also can make the plaster penetrate the moisture to the wooden beams of the buildings and thus the rotten rot can irreparably damage them.
Our dehumidifiers will help you
A well-chosen dehumidifier can effectively solve this problem. We offer devices for both domestic and professional use. We also offer adsorption types, which are able to withstand moisture even at temperatures below zero or swimming pools, which in turn are characterized by the quiet running, but also are resistant to the vapors of aggressive chemicals used to disinfect swimming pools. We offer a really wide offer from reputable manufacturers who already have a long enough experience in this market.

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