We offer our customers the hiring of hydraulic, fork-lift work platforms. Our company is located in Olomouc, but we rent it in a wide area, as you can see in the references on our site. We will bring your chosen machine to the destination by our cars and at the same time our technician will train you professionally how to work with these machines. We also offer service where we either make a replacement or a small repair on the spot.
Choose from a wide range of
With us you can choose a plateau according to the height in which you need to perform the work, depending on the terrain accessibility, but also depending on whether you need to work in a closed or open space. Therefore, to make the most of our cooperation with us is the dispatching, which operates 24 hours. Daily, 7 days a week. Here you can agree which specific platform and when you will need it and after you pay the deposit you will be reserved. We are ready to meet your requirements for your full satisfaction.

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