Sodium lamps are among the most popular types of luminaires. Its application is not in the interior, but especially in the exterior, where a stronger and more intense lighting is needed to overcome fog and other weather traps. So feel free to choose this type, which is widely used for its interesting and definitely advantageous properties. You will surely be very pleased, because as you can tell, this type of luminaire is perfectly suited for exteriors. In addition to the sodium variant, you can also reach for mercury, blended or metal halide, it depends only on your specific preferences and also where you intend to place these products.
Manufacturers you can trust
Only buy lamps from manufacturers who can guarantee you a hundred percent quality and a guarantee of satisfaction. Such manufacturers include, for example, the world's Philips or the less-known Osram. The products of these two giants can be found in our offer, from which the problem will not be chosen exactly the best for your needs, if necessary, of course, you may professionally advise.

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