Smart Tips For Finding Counselors

Tips For Finding The Best Therapist

As life goes on, things happen to you or your loved one that may need the attention of a therapist. It is important that you go the best therapist to get desired results. That is due to the fact that therapists have different specializations, competency, and experience. The following tips are useful when looking for the best therapist.

Talk to your friends and family. These people will give you honest reviews about their therapists so that you can make an informed decision. The referral you get from family or friends is mostly to a trusted therapist. You do not want to work with a given therapist just because they are convenient but because they are good at what they do.

The other tip to finding a suitable therapist is to shop online. The therapist you consider online should tell you about their philosophy and what they do for their patients. Check the therapist’s website for reviews from previous clients. Go for a therapist that has more positive reviews as you are confident of their effectiveness.

Take your time to look at the photo of the therapist you intend to work with at the Psychology Today’s Therapist Directory. Avoid therapists whose portraits appear to be seductive. Go for a therapist whose portrait exudes professionalism. If you have feelings of apprehension or concern as you look at the portrait of a given therapist, do not ignore them but heed your intention and go for someone you can be comfortable spending time with.
The gender of the therapist also influences your decision of working with a particular therapist. You have to clarify the gender you are comfortable working with since everyone has a gender preference.

You should also consider the theoretical orientation of the therapist you intend to hire. For example when a patient believes that the way they behave is as a result of unconscious motivation, then a psychodynamic therapist would be the most suitable. If on the other hand, you believe that if you think in a certain way, your life can improve, then you should consider looking for a cognitive therapist. If you are not well versed with theoretical orientation, call your referral or potential therapist and find out more.

Before you work with a given therapist,call them first and have a conversation where you ask any relevant question. Through the phone conversation, you will ask the therapist questions such as where they went to school, what they specialized in and whether they have handled a similar case before. Find out about their licensing and certification so that you can decide from a position of information.

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